Are you interested in volunteering with one of the largest and most active LSU Alumni chapters in the country? Volunteering your time can be incredibly helpful and very rewarding and we always need help! Whether you would like to become a member of our Board of Directors, become a committee member, or just help out at various events, we welcome any and all LSU alumnus and fans to help us out!

List of current volunteer opportunities:

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The President shall supervise and control the affairs of LSUAA Dallas. The President shall perform all duties incident to such office and such other duties as may be provided in these bylaws or as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board. The President shall preside at all Board meetings and at all meetings of the membership. The President may serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, unless otherwise provided by the Board or these bylaws. The President shall, with the advice of the Directors and in accordance with the requirements of these bylaws, set the agenda for each meeting of the Board. The President shall maintain contact with the LSU Alumni Association main chapter in Baton Rouge. The President shall serve as Immediate Past President in the year immediately following his or her term as President. It is the responsibility of the President to manage the board members, chairman and the members. The President need to oversee events, so they are completed in the proper manner and according to the chapter by-laws and laws of the nation. He/she doesn’t have to do the work of the officers just make sure the tasks are done and if the situation arises the President may have to complete the task for the best of the chapter.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Vice President shall perform all duties the President delegates to his or her. Upon the President's death, resignation, disability, or upon his or her absence or refusal to act, the Vice President also shall perform the President's duties unless the Board has designated another person as President. The Vice President shall perform the President's duties as long as the President's absence or disability continues. Acts as the Chapter’s Parliamentarian in the absence of an elected Parliamentarian. Assists the president to manage meetings and advises on parliamentary procedure in the absence of an elected Parliamentarian. Chairs Bylaws committee to review unit Bylaws each year and revise Bylaws every three years Arranges nominating committee’s first meeting, providing information on nomination and election process Meet with the incoming president to identify ways to work together to make board and association meetings even more effective. Each year, hand out copies of the Bylaws and go through them together as a Board.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of all LSUAA Dallas funds and financial records, including bank accounts, cash box and PayPal accounts, shall oversee and supervise the financial business of LSUAA Dallas, shall render reports and accountings to the Board on a monthly basis, or as required by the Directors, and shall perform all duties incident to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as may be required by law, by these bylaws, or which may be assigned from time to time by the Board. The Treasurer shall perform his or her duties under the general financial oversight of the Immediate Past President. The Treasurer shall compile an annual report covering the year's finances for presentation to the Board at the December Board meeting. They shall also prepare an annual budget for the current year for presentation to the Board at the February Board meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the timely filing of LSUAA Dallas's annual tax return, recommending accountants to be hired by the Board. The Treasurer shall make all financial records, books, and annual reports available at the request of any Director for inspection and copying. The Treasurer or another Board-authorized signatory may sign checks in amounts up to $1000 on behalf of LSUAA Dallas. For checks in an amount over $1000, both the Treasurer and another Board-authorized signatory must sign, unless said expenditure has been approved in the yearly budget.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Secretary shall perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be required by law or by these bylaws. The Secretary shall facilitate Board meetings and shall be responsible for taking and maintaining accurate minutes of Board meetings and membership meetings, including a record of all votes cast in elections and other votes. The Secretary shall be the custodian of all of LSUAA Dallas' non-financial documents and property and act as a historian for LSUAA Dallas.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Marketing Director shall be responsible for outreach to LSUAA Dallas members and prospective members by facilitating internal and external communications. The Marketing Director is responsible for developing an annual marketing plan, as well as a budget to be submitted to the Treasurer to be included with the LSUAA Dallas’ overall chapter budget. The marketing efforts include the oversee and/or execution of the LSUAA Dallas primary web site, all event web sites, social media accounts, email newsletters, and other such external communications. The Marketing Director will work closely with the Events Director, Social Chair, Auction Chair and various Event Committee Chairs to develop and execute marketing and advertising plans for all chapter events.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Scholarship/Recruiting Director(s) shall be the liaison(s) between Louisiana State University and the LSUAA Dallas for all recruiting issues. The Scholarship/Recruiting Director(s) shall seek support from the LSUAA Dallas membership when volunteers are needed for area recruiting programs and other events. The Scholarship/Recruiting Director(s) is responsible for communications content for updating the LSUAA Dallas membership on academic recruiting related news from LSU and for contacting the LSU Alumni Association and LSU Foundations for supplies needed for LSUAA Dallas events.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Events Director shall be responsible for overseeing all event chairpersons. The Event Chair will assist in the site selection, vendor selection, operational planning and all other major details of the LSUAA Dallas events. The Events Director shall assist the Treasurer in providing forecast budgets for the yearly budget. The Social Chair, Auction Chair and Major Event Committee Chairs, will all work closely with the Event Director to ensure all efforts are within the LSUAA Dallas’ primary objectives.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Social Director shall be responsible for booking happy hours, parties, networking events, and any other related events as approved by the Board, including coordinating all items needed at each event (e.g. supplies, flyers, door prizes), sign-up sheet for check in table, and equipment needed at the venue (e.g. music, communication system). The Social Chair should work with the Marketing Director to execute a marketing plan for each event. Actively manage and promote the Networking programs.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Event Chairs shall be responsible for all the planning of Fundraisers, including site selection, vendor selections, operational planning, and sponsorships. The Event Chairs shall assign and oversee related tasks to other Board members to distribute the workload. The Event Chairs are also responsible for coordinating with the Board to ensure adequate giveaways and LSUAA Dallas sales items and is responsible for ensuring Marketing Director is preparing and executing the marketing plan. The Event Chairs are to be held to the yearly approved budget for Fundraisers.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Coordinate the silent and live auction for the major LSUAA Dallas events, including collection of items, preparation of bid sheets and item displays and set up at the event. The Auction Chair will work with other Board members to make selections of all silent and live auction items. This position is responsible for collection from winning bidders and distribution of items following the event.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Marketing Director shall be responsible for outreach to LSUAA Dallas members and prospective members by facilitating internal and external communications. The Marketing Director shall maintain and enhance the LSUAA Dallas websites and other communications including the LSUAA Dallas email account, email blasts, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). The Marketing Director is also responsible for working with Event Chairman of LSUAA Dallas to establish and maintain a communications schedule for specific events. Manage and maintain websites, develop new online member benefits, work across all committees to represent the chapter. The Marketing Director shall manage article deadlines. Plan, design, develop and deploy social media as a communication device.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Sponsorship Director shall develop sponsor level packages for LSUAA Dallas events and work with the Board to ensure sponsorship benefits are fulfilled and sponsorship funds are collected. The Sponsorship Director is responsible for collecting and maintaining a database of sponsor information and generating sponsor thank you notes at the conclusion of sponsor events. Sponsorship Chair is responsible for creating and distributing an Event Recap Document to all sponsors. This document should include all details (including marketing distribution statistics, examples of creatives used, successes and lessons learned) of the event.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Communications Chairman will be responsible for executing all external communication via email blasts, social media and any other methods of communication. The Communications Chair will work with the Marketing Director to ensure all communications are on brand and convey the correct messaging. The Communications Chair will assist the Marketing Director in building the LSUAA Chapter yearly marketing plan and annual budgets that are submitted to the Treasurer.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Directors at Large shall assist the other Directors in their duties and may handle any other matters delegated by the President or the Board, and they will be voting members of the Board. The Directors at Large must have served on the Board of Directors for the previous 3 fiscal years in good standing. No more than 3 individuals may hold the position of Director at Large in any given fiscal year.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Immediate Past President shall serve as Parliamentarian of the Board and shall be entitled to receive notices of, and to attend, all Board meetings, and be a voting member of the Board. He or she will assist the other Directors by acting in an advisory or supportive role for LSUAA Dallas matters as appropriate.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Help with projects throughout the year both big and small, short and long. Learn and back-fill for manager and chair positions, everyone is invited.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed or would just like to be involved in some way, please complete the form below and an LSU Alumni Dallas representative will contact you. If you want to get involved, but are not sure what you want to do, or how much time you want to offer, we would welcome you to attend a board meeting. Click here to find out the details on when and where the next board meeting is.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our chapter president.


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