Scholarship Update

Did you know the Dallas Alumni chapter funded its first Top 100 Scholarship in 1992? Since then, we have fully endowed a total of FOUR $40,000 scholarships and ONE $120,000 scholarship, and by your generous contributions, the following students have been sent to LSU from the DFW area:

Image Courtesy Bayou Buzz

Christie Weir Elizabeth Dorsey Michelle Dubret
Sam Schwartz Sarah Bazzell Nick Rice
Chris Gibson Chelsea Miller Dylan Shannon
Amanda Thompson Ryan Curley Eric Lunsford
James Vineyard Jared Brockman Evan Stanfill
Kevin Zanca Sara Miller Laura Tyrone
Eric Branham Angela Jurma Josh Terrell
Kimberly Goodwin Lauren Wessa Kristy Davis
Jon Brubaker Robert Boyle April Langdon-Shepherd
Matthew Wolcott Bryan Dodge Kristen Campbell
Emily Bostick Frederick Addison Paige Zapffe
Emily Wilson Jesse Carriere Amanda Thompson
John Casey Emiliano Lara Blake Carroll
Michael Moore Kathryn Carr Michael deSpain
Samuel Genua Matthew Landry Mandy Morgan
Austin Brown Jacey Bryan Caitlin Stropes
Nicole O’Bryant Lillian Riley Matthew Ramagos
Mary Grace Feroze Grant Amerson Alex Rader
Mac Chapman Megan Devine Cody East
Tristan Miller Zach Pendergraft Ashton Wunsch
Scholarship Update