LSUDallas has partnered with the three flood relief charities: the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge, The Chapel, and the LSU Student Food Bank.

Our happy hour next Thursday, August 25, 2016, at Dodies on Lower Greenville will directly benefit the LSU Student Food Pantry.  The pantry is currently supporting 16% of the faculty and staff and will open to students tomorrow.  LSUDallas will only accept monetary donations at the Happy Hour – as logistically we are not set up to accept goods to transport.

The following is a description of each flood relief charity LSUDallas has partnered with and a direct link to make your individual donations. Please support our family and friends in Louisiana!

The Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge supports flood victims within the community. Their parishes and schools are struggling to recover in an effort to provide spiritual and educational needs of their parishioners and students. In order to support these efforts, the Diocese has established a special account “Diocese of Baton Rouge Disaster Assistance Fund”. Monetary donations are critically needed at this time.

To make an online donation, click the link below

The Chapel on the Campus supports flood victims within the community. Located on Dalrymple near fraternity row, this non-denominational church ministers to the LSU student community. Many in their church family have lost everything and they are inundated by outside calls for assistance. Their college ministry students have come back in, adjusted their leadership retreat and volunteered to serve however they can.

To make an online donation, click the link below

The LSU Student Food Pantry is need of donations.  The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank took on about 4.5 feet of water. 1 in 6 LSU employees were affected by the flood.

The LSU Student Food Pantry has established an Amazon Wish List. While we wait for them to set up an online link to accept monetary donations, let’s start filling this wish list.

Click here to Donate LSU Student Food Pantry